What brands want: building successful creator partnerships

Brands want creators to start the conversation

How many creators approach your brand for collaboration opportunities on average each week?

Brands aren’t scouring social media to find the right creators. As brands wait for influencers to approach them, these creators have a unique opportunity to land partnerships by finding and initiating outreach to brands that align with their audience. For many creators, that means partnering with brands they already love and products they actually use. This authenticity comes through to consumers, which establishes trust, and typically increases the success of the campaign. 42% of the brands claim that fewer than five creators approach them in a week (81% for programs less than a year old). Smaller brands receive the fewest outreach messages, so creators may have an easier time pursuing a partnership with them.

Despite a desire to onboard new creators, only 5% of brands want to source and recruit the creators they want to work with.

More than 20 7%

11–20 14%

Less than 5 42%

5–10 37%

Brands seek creators who can effectively communicate, offer professionalism, and deliver a compelling pitch


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