HubSpot gains 50%+ increase in affiliate revenue

Situation HubSpot needed a partnerships platform that could keep up

Like many B2B businesses, HubSpot experienced these challenges when expanding its partnerships program: ● Lack of reporting and data. HubSpot needed a source of truth and deeper insight into what was working and what wasn’t. Its previous platform didn’t have this function. ● No payout flexibility. HubSpot’s previous platform had limited payout capabilities. The team needed automation to pay partners monthly, based on their level. ● Difficulty recruiting partners. Using a previous platform, HubSpot struggled to adopt new partners that aligned with its business goals. It needed automation to find a steady stream of partners and encourage them to respond to outreach, join its program, and promote HubSpot.

As a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, HubSpot has been helping businesses grow better since its founding in 2005.

Affiliate partnerships were a key component of HubSpot’s acquisition strategy, but the limitations of its former partnership management platform hampered growth. The team needed a platform that could expand along with its partnerships program.




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