HubSpot gains 50%+ increase in affiliate revenue

Outcome HubSpot’s Affiliate Program sees significant YoY growth

With's help, HubSpot increased affiliate revenue and signups by more than 50%. It also substantially boosted earnings per click (EPC). By using a platform that matched its evolving needs, HubSpot achieved remarkable program results and ultimately delivered a better partner and customer experience.

As added benefits, HubSpot was able to:

● Recruit a steady stream of affiliates that matched its business goals ● Gain deep insights into its campaign performance ● Use data to optimize its partnership efforts ● Automate payments to motivate affiliates Want to get incredible partnership results? Check out’s app integration with HubSpot. This integration is a seamless way for businesses to automate and manage partnerships, and track and attribute partner value through every stage of the sales funnel.




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