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Situation Need to engage younger audiences and create a buzz for its new perfume

This way, Coach could bring its perfume to life through the eyes of the youth.

Coach Dreams Sunset, the latest perfume from the fashion house, was made for today’s teens and twenty-somethings. With delightful notes of fresh pear sorbet, jasmine, and creamy vanilla, this youthful perfume evokes free-spirited adventures with friends — cue the sunset on the horizon — and the magic of possibility. Coach in partnership with Interparfums, Inc. developed, manufactured and distributed its new fragrance. Coach wanted to create a buzz for its new perfume and reach a target audience of female-identifying consumers between 18-34 in the United States. Coach needed help recruiting many influencers across tiers and urban locations — in hopes of creating user-generated content (UGC) for its social channels.




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