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Solution Getting perfume directly into influencers’ hands to inspire rosy content’s managed services team strategically built a bridge between Coach and its desired audience by introducing the new fragrance to fun-loving college students and recent graduates. It achieved this with a hybrid compensation model, including a paid and seeding (gifting) program. The team received 428 influencer applications from seven target locations — including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C., Dallas, and Houston. The team narrowed the final cast down to 16 paid influencers (macro-, mid-, and micro-tiers) and 40 micro-and nano-influencers (seeds) to share their review of the fragrance and create UGC that Coach could repost on its social channels. To achieve this goal, the influencers were encouraged to go on an adventure with their best friends and document the day with Coach Dreams Sunset on social media.





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